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Ground Rules & Code of Conduct

To be observed in all group sessions including online sessions

▪ Mobile phones should be switched off (or put on silent during sessions if you are expecting an urgent call). If you need to make a call, please leave the session.

▪ Respect each other’s views and opinions, even if they do not reflect your own. Listen to one another and do not talk over each other.

▪ Treat each other with sensitivity and be mindful of other people’s feelings, if you know somebody’s upset about something or someone, be gentle with them. Refrain from behaving in a judgemental manner.

▪ Confidentiality means that what is shared in a session stays in the session. Members should not discuss any of the contents of any of the sessions outside of the session itself.

▪ Issues arising within the group, should be taken to the group facilitator, in the first instance.

▪ Be mindful of the language used in relation to your fellow members, as we all have different levels of acceptance.

▪ If you need to leave the group/session to use the loo or make a drink, let someone know/ mute yourself and turn your camera off. When you return you can turn these things back on and re-join the group.

▪ Trying to limit background noise, is not always possible. So, if you feel you need your TV or radio on please be considerate to others and mute yourself.

▪ Although we do not have a ‘dress code’, we ask that members be respectful of the sensitivities of others by refrain from attending online session/group whether it be shirtless or wearing a top that may be considered too revealing and it may cause offense.

▪ As we like to keep group/sessions as a safe environment to share, feel free to speak up if the conversation/subject matter makes/is making you feel uncomfortable.

▪ We respectfully request that if members are feeling unwell/in crisis they refrain from using a group session to share their feelings, as it may have a detrimental effect on others. On these rare occasions please contact staff.

▪ ‘See and be seen’ - To ensure the health, wellbeing & safety of everyone, when attending a Zoom Group, you will be expected to be on camera.

We reserve the right to withhold access to groups/sessions...

.. if as a member, you exhibit signs of being under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed medication, access to session or groups may be suspended and membership reviewed.

.. if as a member, you exhibit aggressive behaviour towards staff and other members, this will not be tolerated. Your access to SUCIC activities may be suspended and your membership will be reviewed.

.. if a member does not allow themselves to be seen on camera in a Zoom group.

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