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Our Aims

The aims of SpeakUpCIC are clear and transparent.

To champion the rights of service users.

To encourage users to speak out for themselves.

To seek to improve the quality of services available in the area.

To encourage users to participate in the planning and delivery of local mental health services.

To encourage statutory and voluntary bodies to recognise the need for meaningful involvement of Users and Survivors in all aspects of the planning and monitoring of mental health services.

To provide support to all members through sharing experiences in a relaxed and informal environment and peer support.

To provide a safe opportunity for users to share experiences and to discuss issues of common concern either individually or in groups.

To improve awareness amongst Users, Survivors, general public and mental health workers of the need for change in mental services and in attitudes towards those with mental health problems.

To work to provide a culture of hope that embodies a belief in peoples own ability to manage and improve the quality of their lives.

To network information to all members and to those unable to participate in the forum.

To challenge and combat stigma and discrimination that those in mental distress are faced with.

To support and develop self-advocacy.

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